Discover the best nightlife on this beautiful Mediterranean island

Malta, that Mediterranean pearl, extends its charm far beyond its picturesque shores and captivating history. When the sun retreats behind the horizon, this island takes on a whole new dimension, with a pulsating nightlife all its own. The island’s entertainment options are as varied as the stars in the Maltese sky. From the hustle and bustle of Paceville’s dance clubs and lively bars to the elegant, relaxed evenings by the sea, you’re sure to find your niche. Discover the local music scene, savor exquisite dishes in renowned restaurants and get carried away by the bewitching rhythm of open-air parties.

Whoever you are, whether you’re a traveler thirsty for discovery or a long-time resident looking for a new escape, let our expertise carry you away for a memorable evening in Malta.

Sailing through the Maltese Quarters

Malta, this sun-drenched Mediterranean island, reveals a whole new side once the stars come out. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking traveler or a resident curious about new experiences, discover the neighborhoods that bring Maltese nightlife to life.

We recommend that you start your evening by sampling the delights of Maltese cuisine. A successful evening in Malta wouldn’t be complete without sampling the delicious local cuisine. Try traditional Maltese dishes such as fenek (rabbit) or pastizzi (savory pastries). You can also enjoy the incredible scenery as you sample these specialties in Sliema, a town where elegance reigns by the sea.
Indeed, for an elegant and relaxed evening, Sliema is the perfect choice. This coastal town offers a picturesque seafront promenade lined with chic bars and restaurants. Start your evening enjoying the peaceful ambience while sipping a cocktail in the moonlight.

Planning ahead is the key to a hassle-free evening in Malta. Booking a table in a restaurant or a place in a nightclub in advance is a particularly good idea.

How restaurants work in Malta

Restaurants in Malta, especially those in popular locations, can quickly reach maximum capacity, especially during peak evening hours. That’s why it’s advisable to book in advance, especially if you have a preference for a particular place. Reserving your table not only ensures you a guaranteed seat, it also saves you a long wait for dinner.

Tips for a successful reservation

When booking, be sure to provide all the necessary information, such as number of guests, food or music preferences, if any, and any other details specific to your evening. Also, make a note of any cancellation or modification conditions to avoid any inconvenience in the event of a change of plans.

Pre-booking is an essential step in making the most of your evening in Malta. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal in a picturesque restaurant or dance the night away in a lively nightclub, planning ahead ensures a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Saint Julian’s Shots Bars: The Preparation

An unmissable choice for an evening out in Malta is to head for the lively bars of Saint Julian’s before plunging into the hustle and bustle of Paceville’s nightclubs. This combination guarantees a memorable evening, and here’s why.

Saint Julian’s, on Malta’s northeast coast, is renowned for its lively bars and vibrant nightlife. One of the highlights of the area is the presence of numerous “shots bars”, where you can sample an impressive variety of cocktails and shooters. Before embarking on a night of partying, a visit to one of these establishments is essential to set the scene. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to sip creative cocktails and enjoy exotic shots. These moments are perfect for relaxing, socializing and getting into the festive spirit of the evening ahead.
What’s more, it’s worth noting that the price of shots is really low. This early evening will be very inexpensive for you.

Tips for a Successful Evening

The trick to a successful evening is to find the right balance between the two worlds. Start slowly in the bars of Saint Julian’s to get into the mood and socialize with other revelers. Then plan your arrival in Paceville to make the most of the evening. Make sure you know the opening times of the nightclubs and make arrangements for travel between the two neighborhoods, as Paceville is just a short walk from Saint Julian’s.

It’s essential to first pass through the lively bars of Saint Julian’s before heading to the nightclubs of Paceville. It’s the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening in Malta. Enjoy every moment, dance to the rhythm of the music and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Paceville: The height of partying

If you’re looking for a lively night out, Paceville in St. Julian’s is the place to be. This area is renowned for its effervescent clubs, trendy bars and lively discos. Let yourself be carried away by the music and dancing until the first light of dawn.

Once you’ve savored the convivial atmosphere of St. Julian’s bars, it’s time to step up a gear and head to Paceville. This district of St. Julian’s is the epicenter of Maltese nightlife, famous for its nightclubs that never cease to rock the night. Here you’ll find clubs playing a variety of music, from international DJs to theme nights, and an electric atmosphere that will keep you dancing until the end of the night. The transition from bars to nightclubs in Paceville is seamless, allowing you to extend your party experience in a high-energy environment.

Bars and nightclubs in Paceville :

Paceville is a lively nightlife district located in St. Julian’s, Malta. It’s packed with bars, clubs and nightclubs to suit all tastes. Here are some tips on different nightclubs in Paceville that you might consider visiting:

1. Club Havana : This club is famous for its Latin music and theme nights. If you like salsa, bachata and reggaeton music, this is the place to dance the night away.

2. Club Numero Uno : If you’re looking for electronic music, Club Numero Uno is a popular option. It regularly features international DJs and a lively dance floor.

3. Sky Club : The Sky Club is located on the rooftop of the Bay Street Hotel and offers magnificent views over St. George’s Bay. It’s a great place to have a drink and dance under the stars.

4. Platinum Club : If you prefer hip-hop and R&B music, the Platinum Club is the place to go. It’s one of Paceville’s hottest nightclubs for this style of music.

5. Footloose Fun Bar : This bar is known for its popular music and relaxed atmosphere. If you just want to have a drink, chat with friends and enjoy a pleasant evening, this is a good choice.

6. Level 22 : Located on the top floor of the Portomaso Business Tower, Level 22 is an exclusive club with a breathtaking sea view. It is often frequented by a more elegant clientele and offers a variety of music.

7. The Nordic Bar : If you’re a beer lover who prefers a more relaxed environment, The Nordic Bar is an excellent choice. It offers a wide selection of beers and themed evenings.

8. Axis Club : Axis Club is renowned for its special evenings, live performances and a wide variety of music, from house to commercial.

Whichever club you choose in Paceville, be sure to check opening times, entry fees and dress code, as these can vary from establishment to establishment. In addition, it’s a good idea to stay safe and drink responsibly by using transportation services or cabs to get home after a night of drinking. Enjoy your nightlife experience in Paceville!

If your perfect night out involves dancing the night away at one of Malta’s trendy nightclubs, booking tickets or VIP passes in advance can make all the difference. Some nightclubs even offer special benefits for early bookings, such as priority access or reduced rates. This ensures that you can get in quickly and enjoy the party without worrying about long queues at the entrance.

Paceville’s best nightlife event in 2023

The best thing to do in Malta on a Friday and Saturday night is to take part in the Paceville PubCrawl. Experience a pub crawl in the popular Paceville district of St. Julian’s, enjoy Malta’s incredible nightlife and discover some of the island’s best bars. By taking part in our pub crawl, you get to meet the best party community, take on challenges, make friends and memories you’ll never forget.

Capturing Memorable Moments

When exploring Malta’s lively nightlife in Paceville, it’s essential not to neglect the art of photography. Maltese sunsets are legendary, bathing the coasts in warm, golden hues, creating magical moments that deserve to be immortalized forever. Nothing beats the pleasure of looking at these visual memories and sharing them with your loved ones.

Photography is an extraordinary way to capture the essence of your evenings in Paceville. Whether it’s the twinkling club lights, the beaming faces of your friends as they dance to the music, or chance encounters with great people, every moment can be captured and turned into a treasured memory. To get the most out of your photos, be sure to explore different perspectives and angles to capture the unique energy and mood of each location. Use light and movement effects to add a touch of artistry to your shots, creating even more captivating images.

Once you’ve immortalized those unforgettable moments, don’t hesitate to share them on social media. So don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone on your night out, and let yourself be inspired by Malta’s beauty while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Practical Tips

Before you embark on this unforgettable evening, it is essential to consider a few key factors that will enhance your experience. First of all, it is crucial to check the weather forecast. Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate, but like everywhere else, weather conditions can vary. To make the most of your evening, we advise you to go out at the end of the week, especially Friday and Saturday. This will guarantee an optimal atmosphere and crowds in the streets, nightclubs and bars. Remember the need to drink alcohol responsibly and take steps to get home safely.

Insider Insights

Take advantage of our local recommendations and insider tips to discover the best things to do on our beautiful island. Discover unique nightlife experiences and hidden gems that only locals know about. Immerse yourself in the madness of Malta’s evenings by exploring its different activities.

Sustainability and conversation

The preservation of our beautiful island of Malta is close to our hearts. Learn more about our efforts to protect these natural wonders and adopt eco-friendly practices for responsible tourism. Find out how you can help preserve Malta’s beautiful landscapes during your visit. Be responsible don’t throw your waste anywhere.


In conclusion, an unforgettable evening in Malta is an adventure that begins slowly, unfolding in a symphony of exquisite flavors in Sliema’s beautiful restaurants. As you savor every bite, you’ll be swept away by the magic of the Mediterranean, the gentle murmur of the waves in the background.
But the night in Malta is just beginning. You then head for the shots bars, where the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and laughter resounds with every toast. The alleyways come alive with lively conversation and budding friendships, while the exotic flavors of the cocktails dance on your taste buds.
The evening reaches its peak in Paceville, the beating heart of Maltese nightlife. The nightclubs welcome you with their bewitching music, hypnotic lights and infectious energy. You dance until dawn, lose yourself in the music, and every moment becomes a piece of the puzzle of an unforgettable evening. And when the sun tentatively peeks over the horizon, the adventure doesn’t end there. The after-party takes you to Paceville beach, where you find yourself with awakened souls, sharing stories, smiles and the wonder of an incredible night.

Ultimately, an evening in Malta isn’t just a series of stops, it’s an experience that takes you beyond the everyday, where flavors, encounters and music blend to create memories etched forever in your heart. So may your next evening in Malta be an adventure you’ll remember with emotion and nostalgia.