Discover the best dishes of this beautiful Mediterranean island

When we think of Malta, we often think of its magnificent landscapes, rich history and exciting outdoor activities. But Malta is much more than just a picturesque tourist destination. It’s an undiscovered gastronomic treasure trove that deserves special attention. Over the centuries, this Mediterranean island has developed a unique cuisine, the result of a subtle blend of Mediterranean, Arab, Italian and British influences. In this Malta gastronomic itinerary, we invite you to embark on a fascinating culinary journey that will lead you to discover local culinary delights, from traditional dishes to little-known gems, to offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Malta, an island paradise nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, has long been a popular destination for travelers seeking cultural discoveries, relaxation in the sun and historical adventures. But what many visitors don’t know is that behind its breathtaking landscapes and fascinating historical sites lies an authentic Mediterranean cuisine rich in flavor.

This culinary journey will reveal the best-kept secrets of Maltese cuisine, a cuisine that celebrates fresh, local ingredients, centuries-old culinary traditions and the varied influences that have shaped the island’s history. The Maltese are proud of their gastronomic heritage, and every dish prepared here is a true declaration of love for Malta’s culinary culture.

On this culinary journey, you’ll discover that Malta is much more than just a picturesque travel destination; it’s a paradise for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. So get ready for an exciting gastronomic adventure through this gourmet Mediterranean island.

Maltese Cuisine: A Fusion of Mediterranean Flavors

Welcome to the enchanting world of Maltese cuisine, where every dish tells a story and every flavor evokes an ancient tradition. In this gastronomic exploration, we invite you to plunge into the heart of the Mediterranean flavors for which Malta is famous.

A History of Local Ingredients

Maltese cuisine is based on one fundamental principle: the use of fresh, local ingredients. The Maltese have preserved this tradition for generations, highlighting the richness of their Mediterranean terroir. Seafood, such as fish and seafood, plays a key role in this culinary palette. You’ll marvel at the freshness of the day’s catch, cooked with simplicity to reveal its natural flavor.

Fresh vegetables also play a key role in Maltese cuisine. Juicy tomatoes, sun-drenched eggplants, crisp zucchinis and, of course, Malta’s famous capers, give dishes a unique Mediterranean dimension.

Malta’s Green Gold: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the true green gold of Maltese cuisine. Malta’s olive groves produce olive oil of exceptional quality, adding a subtle, fragrant touch to a wide range of dishes. From simple salads to pasta dishes and sauces, olive oil is omnipresent, enhancing every bite with an authentic Mediterranean note.

Italian influence

Neighboring Italy has left an indelible mark on Maltese cuisine. The Maltese have adopted and adapted many Italian dishes, creating a unique culinary fusion. Fresh pasta, ravioli, pizzas and tomato-based dishes are staples of Maltese menus. The rich flavors and varied textures bear witness to this Mediterranean influence.

Malta’s sweet delights

For those with a sweet tooth, Maltese patisserie is an unforgettable discovery. Local patissiers create cakes and desserts that will transport you to a world of sweets. Don’t miss the “Cassata”, a cake made with ricotta, candied fruit and chocolate, and the “Qaghaq tal-Ghasel”, delicious little cakes filled with honey and dried fruit. These sweet treats promise an explosion of sweet flavours.

Explore the cuisine of Malta

Maltese cuisine is an invitation to explore, taste and savor every moment. Whether you opt for the delights of street food in Valletta, traditional dishes in a trattoria in Gozo, or embark on a Maltese cooking course to prepare your own specialties, every bite is a taste adventure.

So let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating scent of aromatic herbs, the freshness of seafood and the warmth of the Maltese welcome. Discover a cuisine that tells the story of an island, the passion of its people, and the flavors of an authentic Mediterranean.

Whether your culinary journey in Malta is a tasting of traditional dishes or a discovery of the latest gastronomic trends, every plate is a celebration of Maltese life and culture. Get ready for an unforgettable taste experience in Malta.

Enjoy an exquisite culinary program

We have put together a program for you over a few days to enjoy Maltese gastronomy during your trip.

Day 1: Flavors of the Sea

Start your gastronomic itinerary in Malta by exploring the delights of the sea. The Mediterranean surrounds the island, offering an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood. The Maltese have a deep relationship with seafood, and you’ll feel that love in every bite.

Breakfast – Ftira: An Explosion of Morning Flavors

To get your day off to a good start, opt for a classic Maltese breakfast: ftira. It’s a soft dough sandwich filled with tuna, anchovies, capers, olives, tomatoes, onions and a generous dose of extra virgin olive oil. This combination creates an explosion of Mediterranean flavors that will awaken your taste buds and put you in a good mood for the day ahead.

Lunch – Fenkata: A Dive into Maltese Tradition

For lunch, immerse yourself in traditional Maltese cuisine with a fenkata, a real rabbit feast. You’ll find many local restaurants serving this delicious dish. Rabbit is slowly simmered with vegetables, aromatic herbs and local spices, creating an unforgettable taste experience. The deep, rich flavors of fenkata will help you understand the importance of this dish in Maltese culture.

Seafood Dinner in Marsaxlokk: A Glittering Evening

For dinner, head to the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk. The restaurants here are renowned for their fresh seafood, fished directly from the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample a delicious bourride, a soup rich in fish and seafood, or a tasty caldeirada, a kind of fish stew with divine flavors. Marsaxlokk’s picturesque atmosphere will add a magical touch to your culinary experience.

And so ends your first day exploring Malta’s gastronomic treasures. There’s plenty more to discover on this culinary journey.

Day 2: A journey through time

The second day of your gastronomic itinerary in Malta will take you on a journey back in time to discover traditional Maltese dishes, rich in history and flavor.

Breakfast – Pastizzi: A Bite of Morning Tradition

To get your day off to a good start, immerse yourself in Maltese tradition by enjoying pastizzi for breakfast. These little puff pastries filled with ricotta or peas are a real treat for the taste buds. You’ll find them in many local bakeries, freshly prepared and ready to satisfy your morning appetite. Pair them with a strong Maltese coffee for an authentic, energizing experience.

Lunch – Aljotta: A Comforting Soup

For lunch, immerse yourself in traditional Maltese cuisine with a delicious aljotta, a Maltese fish soup. Prepared with fresh fish, garlic, tomatoes, parsley and rice, this soup is a real comfort for the soul. The Mediterranean flavors and tantalizing aroma will transport you back to the past, when this dish was a staple of Maltese fishermen. Discover history with every spoonful.

Dinner – Fenek Moqli: A Classic Maltese Dish

End your day in style with a dinner of fenek moqli, otherwise known as fried rabbit. This classic Maltese dish is a true celebration of local flavors. The rabbit is marinated in a delicious sauce of wine, garlic, bay leaf and pepper, then fried until tender and golden. Accompanied by crispy fried potatoes, fenek moqli is a must-try in Maltese cuisine. Each bite is an explosion of flavor, taking you back to a time when this dish was a staple of Maltese families. Enjoy this authentic culinary experience and discover why rabbit is so dear to Maltese hearts.

And so ends your second day of gastronomic travel in Malta. You’ve explored traditional dishes rich in history and flavor, and there’s much more to discover on your culinary journey.

Day 3: Malta’s Sweet Delights

Your third day will be a gourmet adventure discovering the sweet delights of Malta, with a touch of coffee and sweets to delight your taste buds.

Breakfast – Kwarezimal: a traditional morning treat

Get your day off to a good start with a kwarezimal, a traditional Maltese pastry that evokes the island’s rich culinary heritage. Prepared with almonds, honey, orange zest and spices, kwarezimal is a nutritious and deliciously sweet breakfast. Each bite is an invitation to a gustatory journey to the heart of Mediterranean flavors, with a sweet touch that will whet your appetite for the day ahead.

Maltese coffee time

Take a Maltese coffee break and discover the art of sipping coffee. Maltese coffee is renowned for its strength and character. Served black and full-bodied, it is often accompanied by a glass of water to refresh you between sips. Let yourself be carried away by the bewitching aroma of Maltese coffee while enjoying the warm atmosphere of the local cafés.

Lunch – Timpana: A Pasta Feast

For lunch, treat yourself to timpana, a comforting Maltese pasta dish that embodies the generosity of Maltese cuisine. This culinary delight is a real feast for pasta lovers. It consists of a stew of macaroni, minced meat, tomatoes, cheese and eggs, all wrapped in a crust of crispy pasta. Each bite is an explosion of flavors and textures that will delight your senses. Timpana is an icon of Maltese cuisine and a culinary experience not to be missed.

Dinner – Kannoli: A Sicilian Touch

To round off your gastronomic itinerary in Malta, treat yourself to a kannoli, a Sicilian pastry that has found its place in Maltese cuisine. These little tubes of crisp pastry are filled with sweet ricotta, chocolate chips and orange zest, creating an irresistible combination of sweet and creamy flavors. Each bite of kannoli is an invitation to indulge, and it’s the perfect sweet touch to end your gastronomic day in Malta.

And so ends your third and final day of discovering Malta’s sweet delights. You’ve explored a variety of sweet flavors for which Maltese cuisine is renowned, and your culinary journey continues with even more discoveries to come.


Malta is much more than a picturesque travel destination; it’s a paradise for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, a veritable culinary oasis. During your gastronomic itinerary in Malta, you’ll have the opportunity to plunge into the heart of unique flavors, taste traditional dishes rich in history and taste, and fully immerse yourself in the island’s enchanting culinary culture.

Whether you’re passionate about seafood, fond of stews that melt in your mouth, or prefer sweet delights that awaken your taste buds, Malta has everything to satisfy every nuance of your palate. Each day of your culinary journey has allowed you to discover a different facet of this exceptional Mediterranean cuisine, rooted in tradition yet open to international influences.

The island abounds in gastronomic treasures just waiting to be explored. Local produce, extra-virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, pasta, freshly caught fish, rabbit simmered with love, sweet delights that evoke sweet comfort? It’s all part of Malta’s culinary richness.

Don’t forget to share your culinary discoveries and gourmet experiences with us. Your stories enrich our understanding of this fascinating Mediterranean cuisine and inspire other travelers to embark on a gastronomic adventure in Malta.

So, may your gourmet stay in Malta be a source of delight and unforgettable memories. Bon appétit and enjoy every moment of this culinary journey to the heart of the Mediterranean island of Malta!

Practical Tips

Before embarking on these fantastic activities, it’s essential to consider a few key factors that will enhance your experience. First of all, it’s essential to check the weather forecast. Malta has a Mediterranean climate, but like anywhere else, weather conditions can vary. Also, remember to book restaurants in advance, as they may be fully booked.

Insider Insights

Take advantage of our local recommendations and insider tips to discover the best things to do on our beautiful island. Discover unique experiences and hidden gems that only locals know about. Immerse yourself in local culture and traditions as you explore these coastal treasures.

Sustainability and conversation

The preservation of our beautiful island of Malta is close to our hearts. Learn more about our efforts to protect these natural wonders and adopt eco-friendly practices for responsible tourism. Find out how you can help conserve Malta’s beautiful landscapes during your visit.


Malta offers a multitude of outdoor activities to suit all tastes and abilities. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a keen hiker or simply looking for a relaxing outdoor experience, Malta has something for everyone. So get ready to enjoy the great outdoors and discover the natural beauty of this exceptional Mediterranean island. We hope this guide has inspired you to explore Malta’s diverse coastline and make the most of your seaside adventures. Share your experiences and recommendations with us, and let’s continue to discover the beauty of Malta together.
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